CINEMACHI TV – the best collection of independent top movies for the last 10 years from more than 300 movie companies from all over the world. The best independent movie titles directly come into your home soon after their movie halls' distribution to surprise you and to make you want and dream more. CINEMACHI TV– a big collection of blockbusters, a selection of the best movies from 2000 until today. CINEMACHI TV – over 10 new movies every week CINEMACHI TV program is divided into 6 blocks of 4 hours each in each the movies are ordered in a way to please everyone at home – actions, drama, comedies etc CINEMACHI TV is for audience of men and women aged between 18-30+ CINEMACHI TV is not bounded with advertisement CINEMACHI TV is available in 16:9 Full HD 1920/1080 & SD 16:9, 720/576.

Welcome into the world of CINEMACHI TV!

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