Our lives are often under stress. This TV channel is intended for people who would like to live healthy life and want to know how to manage with stress. DR.FIT deals with all of health and healthy life related topics (healthy food, working out in different ways, relaxation, emotional wellbeing...). You will be able to watch inspiring new series like “Natural Reboot”, or “Fit, Famous and Fabulous” where you meet today’s hottest, healthiest and fittest movie stars, supermodels and athletes. If you enjoy in watching talk shows, then you have to watch ”What Would Julieanna do”, which is the best lifestyle oriented TV show. It‘s never too late to start a new, better life and to become fit! Would you like to be forever young both on the inside and outside? Do you want to stay fit and be capable to overcome any obstacle that is given by life? Do you get enough exercise? Do your daily meals consist of the right ingredients? Do you really have a healthy lifestyle?

What is the greatest human value? The answer is health!

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