HEALTH AND WELLNESS is a new channel for health education. Our mind and body are exposed to daily stress. Increasingly, we need to know more about the best way to keep lively our bodies and souls. Experts from all over the globe, word-famous doctors and scientists will give you advice on how to solve a health, psycho-emotional problem or just how to improve your vitality so as to feel balanced and fit. Channel’s program proffers various instructions in yoga, Pilates, fitness and Zumba as well as original and healthy recipes for food and drinks that rejuvenate. The program of HEALTH AND WELLNESS is divided into short blocks of 15-30 minutes in order to provide specific guidelines and to give clear instructions on how to take an exercise or prepare food or how to comply with a procedure. We present over 3,500 hours of unique content. Every week – an update of 10 more hours. Every month – 100 new hours in addition. HEALTH AND WELLNESS is a 24/7 TV channel, broadcasted in SD and FULL HD.

Welcome into the world of HEALTH & WELLNESS TV!

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