HOMEY’S TV – a TV channel for all practical people who always find enjoyment to turn their life into an enchanting and comfortable place to live. HOMEY’S TV – a television full of numerous practical applications and tips for your home, garden and other advice on how to make your old clothes and items at home original and unique. The channel has collected the best tips and suggestions on how to fix up and improve every detail of your life. HOMEY’S TV– the program is divided into short blocks of 15-30 min. Hundreds of practical innovators from around the world gathered here, in the HOMEY'S TV, to bring beauty and comfort in every home. HOMEY’S TV has unique content of over 4,000 hours, every week - 15 new hours, every month – over 100 additional hours content. HOMEY’S TV is 24/7 channel, broadcasted in SD and Full HD. HOMEY’S TV is targeted at men & women 30+.

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