This TV channel is the real travel guide on Planet Earth! All history facts that you haven't known before, now you will be able to see it here. If you like to travel and love adventures, than you have to watch our “Earth Tripping”, “Uber Guide” or “Loaded”. The channel is great mixture of history, nature, animals, travel, adventure and science with technology. You will enjoy in watching “Nazi Hunters”, “Italian Fascism”, “1000 days for Planet”, “Cold Blood” and a lot of more interesting content. It‘s not important how old you are, what really counts is your interest in nature, history, animal world, adventures and documentaries! History, Art, Science, Society, Real Life and Adventures, Nature & Wildlife, Mystery, CSI, Travel, Disasters and much more only on Planet EARTH channel !

Why watch 11 channels if you can get everything in one?

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