Smilie TV is the first in the world children’s modern lifestyle TV channel. Created to entertain and teach children from 6 to 16 years. SMILIE TV offers the most interesting themes, games, hobbies and fun for children all over the world. The program involves children from around the world who show their skills and how they have fun. This is the only children’s channel in in which children share to children their achievements in games and entertainment. SMILIE TV presents in its programs interesting ideas to play with constructors, electronic games. It teaches children how to draw, dance and play musical instruments. We encourage children to make beautiful objects of paper, clay and others. We show them how to make their unforgettable children’s parties. SMILIE TV teaches children different sports and motivates them to play sports and do physical exercises. SMILIE TV shows how to upload the next level in the most interesting computer games. SMILIE TV includes also short lessons in English, Spanish, French and other foreign languages, this is included in the program delicately to make children learn foreign languages and develop their language culture and learning habits. SMILIE TV develops the motor culture of children by teaching them to dance while listening to their favorite music hits. The program of SMILIE TV is divided into blocks of 2 hours. Each block includes video materials of 5 to 10 minutes that create a unique children’s mix of fun and inspiration. The program is 24-hour, 7 days a week. In the program are included about 1,500 hours of content. Each month to the program are added new 40 hours with varied content from more than 20 different categories. SMILIE TV is distributed in FULL HD 1920/1080, stereo audio.

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