The channel pictures the active women in all parts of the day. The morning is tailored for housewives and young mothers while the afternoon is focused on active woman and young generation culminating with the most popular talk and reality shows in prime-time. Women have chosen and created their own channel that they modelled according to their taste and given it a logical and simple name: Woman! So, why is the Woman channel different and special? The content has been carefully chosen and the team managing the channel is comprised exclusively of experienced women of different age and interest groups. What can we expect to see on this channel? The content comprises of various themaBc sets, such as Lifestyle, Reality Series, Home & Design, Fashion Trends, Shopping Advices, BeauBful Places, Drama, Healthy and AcBve Life, Food & Cooking, Celebrity News, various useful advices, and more. On a global scale, 70% of women aged 18 to 49 watch TV. The channel expands this age group and adds content that is appropriate for both, young girls aged between 12 and 18 and the older active viewers from the 50+ age group. Enjoy more than 2.500 hours of your Best TV Shows.

Channel for active woman

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